Monday, October 25, 2010

Oakland Sandolo

Here's a snooping snap I took while visiting Angelino and April's operation in Oakland, California back in early April.
I had hoped to meet up with them, and called ahead, only to find out that while I was going to be in their neighborhood, they would be down south near mine. The rain was a spoiler that day.  I arranged to meet one of the gondoliers, but Mother Nature sometimes knows how to ruin a good plan.

Having been on Lake Merritt before to row and train with Angelino,
I remembered where he kept a special sandolo. 
I managed to aim my camera lens between the chained doors, prying them open just enough to get the shot, and here's what I got:

What a beautiful boat.
I was not disappointed. 
From what I could see, she was the same masterpiece I'd seen years earlier.

I must clarify here, that it is NOT a good idea to nose around like I did, and, um, don't try this at home kids.

I should also apologize to the Gondola Servizio staff for my snooping, but the boat is beautiful and I just knew you all would appreciate seeing an image of her.

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Gondola Servizio's website is

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