Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Rare Sighting of the Dreaded "Parade Gondola"

photos provided by Mike Novack

Are you ready for it?
Here it comes.
Towed by a big heavy-duty Ford pickup.
It's the dreaded "Parade Gondola"!
These things are normally seen in parades in small town Middle-America.
Most of them are modified rowboats, but once in a while we run across a bigger vessel, like this one in New Jersey. It looks like some kind of bay boat or regional version of a trawler.
The bow extension with "faux ferro" is actually one of the better ones I've seen.
Someone also went all-out with the vinyl lettering that says "La Bella Gondola".
Yes, someone enjoyed building the bow extension and "faux ferro" so much...that they built another one for the stern!
and then there's the Honda outboard.
I love it!

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