Monday, August 18, 2008

PHOTOS FROM VENICE - two gondolas at rest

photo by Maria Torffield

Maria took this shot on May 30th of this year.
She shot the photo around noon along the
rio della Frescada, where it meets the Grand Canal, next to Palazzo Balbi.

Maria was born in Germany, and lives in New York City, but she visits Venice whenever she can.

Some things to note as you look at the image:
Standard approach to upholstery on the right, unique tapestry material used on the left.

"Simier" decorates the top of the seat of the gondola on the right.

both have their forcole out of the buso, the one on the right is on the deck.

Floorboards are red on both gondolas; the one on the right has traditional black scallop edging, the one on the left has it in yellow.

Why are there two remi on the gondola to the left?
is he trying out a new one?
Worried his old one might break?
Found one floating around somewhere?

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