Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Lense Sniping on a Friday afternoon - Sunset Gondola

After photographing the boats in Alamitos Bay, I dropped by Sunset Gondola in Huntington Harbor to visit my friend Tim Reinard.
He was gone, and so was one of his gondolas.

I jumped in my car and started searching for him.
Right around Captain Jack's, I spotted a gondola.

I threw my car into park, grabbed my camera and took a few good candid shots before letting him know I was there.

It's not hard to take good photos when you're shooting a well-kept Venetian gondola.

Tim and Tyson have some of the most beautiful boats taking passengers in this country today.
They operate in an exceptional venue - Huntington Harbor is a beautiful place that's perfect for passenger cruises.
Am I jealous? maybe a little bit.
But I'm thrilled to see such a great operation in the hands of guys like Tim and Tyson.

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