Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fresh Photos from Amsterdam

Tirza is a sight to behold. It's one thing to see a beautiful, black gondola in a place like Amsterdam. It's quite another to watch that gondola pass by with a young lady in a red dress doing the rowing. This is not the first time Tirza has been seen rowing in a dress. Here's a link to a news piece worth checking out:

Tirza definitely gets points for style!

This next shot was taken a few days ago.
Hans, another Amsterdam gondolier is seen during the "road portion" of a transport. Tirza and Hans had to bring the mascareta into the shop for some work. Most of it was by water, but the last leg of the trip was over land. I like the Superman shirt - it really makes the shot.
Go Hans!

To visit the Amsterdam gondola website, go to:

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