Sunday, August 3, 2008

photos from Arzanà

photos by Nereo Zane

In August of 2006, Nereo visited the old Squero Casal, which is now used by the Associazione Arzanà as a sort of museum.
I love this shot.
I'm not sure if it's because I think it would make a great gift basket (for me), or if it's because when I look at that basket full of forcole, I think about grabbing it and taking off out the door!

Outside the old Squero Casal, you can see some classic Venetian boats.
The big one on the left is obviously a caorlina, while the one on the right is a very old batela.
I can't quite make out what the others are because they're behind other boats or not fully in the frame. Anyone want to take a guess?

One other unique thing in the shot is the way the boats are fendered.
There are no old tires or inflatable bumpers here - the boats of
Arzanà have traditional fenders made from rope.


Mike C said...

Pardon my ignorance, could you post an address and/or google map link. I think I saw a model of this place at the Museum of Naval History in Venice. Would be nice to see it in person.

Thanks. Btw, those pictures are coming, haven't had a chance to dig them up from archives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, it's Nereo here.
On google hearth point to 45°19'40" 90 North and 12° 19' 48"55 East
Good luck