Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Photos from Utrecht

I received some more great photos from Arjen Heida in the city of Utrecht.
I must admit that the canal scenes, with so many bridges (some tunnel-like) have me captivated.

photo by Martin van Lokven

Because Utrecht is an ancient city, passengers on Arjen's gondola get to see some amazing pieces of history, and travel down canals that are centuries old.

photo by Martin van Lokven

Arjen tells me that his boat is one of five authentic gondolas in Holland.
Not all of them are currently afloat.

He's seen some interesting things since he opened for business on 07/07/07:
A streaker, a proposal that incorporated signs hung from each bridge (each with a different clue), and a perfect "yes" record as far as on-board proposals go.
The proposal with signs actually ended up being featured in a marriage magazine.

photo by Marlies de Wit

Arjen's website is:

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