Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sweet Sixteen in Boston

This week the "Boys in Boston" opened for their sixteenth season.

It seems like only yesterday they were taking delivery of two beautiful gondolas from Venice (one built by Thom Price, the other restored by him).

The area where they row, known as "the Esplanade" was actually designed originally for gondolas, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they look perfect there.

Even so, you can't just find a nice place, toss gondolas in the water,
and expect everything to fall into place.

Success requires work, especially in this business.

Joe, Steve, and the staff at Gondola di Venezia are no strangers to hard work, and they certainly know how to run a successful gondola operation.

Happy sixteenth season to my friends in Boston.
I hope this summer will be the best yet!

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