Sunday, May 1, 2016

MY Orange and Blue Team

photo by Isabella Mohr

I have no particular loyalty to the Denver Broncos football team,
the New York Mets, Edmonton Oilers or Florida State. 
They're typically not on my radar.

But I am a huge fan of another organization which also
calls those colors their own. 
That would be a certain rowing club in Mestre. 

I've been a member of the GSVVM since 2000, and while I don't get there
often enough, when I do get to row with them, it's like Christmas for me.

So it should come as no surprise that I have
an orange and blue striped remo in my collection of oars.
It wasn't easy - I had to mix the orange myself because none of the marine paint suppliers seem to think orange is worth their time.

But it was worth the extra step (and fun to do).
So this post is dedicated to all of my friends at the Gruppo Sportivo Voga Veneta in Mestre (Now can you see why I usually abbreviate it?)
There are a lot of great rowing clubs in and around the lagoon,
but the GSVVM is the one I call "home" in the Veneto.

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