Monday, May 9, 2016

Gondolas Under the Lights

Realtors like to say that it's all about "location, location, location".
There are hundreds of gondolas available to take cruises in Venice,
but the owners of these two boats have definitely got a prime spot.
Situated on the south shore of the Grand Canal, and right between the Rialto Bridge and her vaporetto stop, the visibility is prime.
They've also been smart enough to light up their boats,
so people walking by (day and night) will see their gondolas.
Both vessels are wedding gondolas, with fully carved decks.
The first one has a red theme color. 
Floors, upholstery, and seat cushions are all done in red. 
The pom-poms and ropes between the cavalli and even the ribbon on the gondolier's hat continue with the color red.
The gondolier has also tied in the gold from the brass fixtures and the scimier (that decorative piece on top of the backrest). 
The upholstery has a matching yellow-gold trim and throw pillows.
The second gondola has a blue theme.
The floorboards are a nice rich blue,
the seat trim and pom-poms are also blue.
For bonus points, the gondolier's deck has a blue carpet.
The upholstery on this boat is made from a blue and gold brocade.
Like the first boat, the gold in the seats and throw pillows ties in with the brass and gold leaf paint on the boat and scimier.

Location is important, so is visibility, I think it also helps that these two gondolas have their own covered boarding dock.

They look so nice, even nicer under lights.

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