Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Gondolieri

Sometimes I think I could launch a whole separate blog called
"Everybody Loves the Gondola".

It would be easy to fill, with photos from around the world. 

There are gondolas, advertisements, and other examples of how this
unique boat from Venice is loved, revered, and admired everywhere.

It also helps that many of my friends share these little surprises with me
when they discover them - often in unexpected places.

Sometimes I think that,
and then I remember that I only have 24 hours to work with each day.
So, instead, I post those little gems and curiosities here from time to time.

Today, being the fifth of May,
it seems fitting to include an installment from south of the border.

Thanks to my friend Drew from Tahoe Amore for this surprise in Ensenada.

Yes, everybody loves the gondola,
and I'm sure that the owner of this Italian restaurant in Ensenada...
loves the gondola on his roof!

After extensive research (that means I Googled the crap out of it),
I discovered that the gondolier who stands up there used to have an oar.
How it disappeared is a mystery:
- hurricane
- sun damage
- theft by banditos
- theft by a fisherman who lost his original oar
- theft by stupid American tourists
(probably of the Spring Break variety)

My money is on hurricane or drunken fraternity jocks during Spring Break.

Whatever the case, happy Cinco de Mayo, amigos!

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