Friday, April 22, 2016

Shakespeare in Gondola

images courtesy Maurizio Ulliana

Special thanks to my friend Felix at Row Venice
for making me aware of this event.
Just one more reason I wish I were in the Veneto.

Here's the text as it was posted by Felix Schoeber at Row Venice:
400 years since the bard of Avon has passed away, and what a better way to commemorate him but to sit in a gondola and listen to his verses?
And what a better location than a palace in that Venetian countryside that has been the background for so many of William Shakespeares plays?

Saturday 23 marks the opening of the gondola rowing season at Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta, with poetry readings from Shakespeares Venetian plays and gondola rides on the lake.
After that, a gondolier will be waiting for you every weekend for that taste of the Venetian sweet life.

Here's a video reporting from TG Padova:

For information, get in touch with Maurizio Ulliana : 3487077807

You can also find a Facebook event online with more details and photos.

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