Thursday, April 7, 2016

Feeling Nostalgic - Day Four

photo by Nereo Zane

I suppose I could package this under a "Throwback Thursday" theme,
but the truth is that I spotted this photo,
sat and stared at it for a long time,
and decided to post it.

After all that, I realized it was Thursday.
The truth is, I'm just feeling nostalgic.

This image takes me back to one of my very favorite times.
It was taken in October of 2007 during an expedition down the Hudson River.
It was a six day expedition, covering 150 miles, from Albany to Manhattan.
We covered 25 miles per day.
This shot was taken on Day Four.
The gondola: my boat The Phoenix - built by Thom Price in Squero Bonaldo.

There were six team members in all - four rowing at a time.
Here we see, from bow to stern:
Bepi Suste - Venetian rowing champion,
Enzo Liszka - expedition rowing expert from Venice,
John Kerschbaum - gondola owner and operator from Minnesota,
and captaining the boat, the famous Vittorio Orio.
The three Venetians are legendary rowers.
Vittorio and Enzo have completed several gondola expeditions,
including the first ever crossing of the English Channel by gondola.

Nereo Zane (our staff photographer - among other things) took the photo,
while Chris Harrison of Texas drove the chase boat.
I probably had my head in a map at the time,
as I was the planner and navigator.

More complete bios (as of the time of the 2007 expedition)
can be found in my post:
The Team

If you've been following the Gondola Blog for a long time,
then most of this isn't news.
It was this expedition, after all, that prompted me to start the blog.

It was a huge honor to be part of the team on this expedition,
and I will always have fond memories of that week in the fall
on the Hudson River in New York.


To learn more about the expedition, just click back to the beginning of the Gondola Blog, or use the search bar with the word "Hudson".

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