Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ferro Handles

Venice and her surrounding region are known for many produced items:
Glass from Murano,
lace from Burano,
and of course, boats from several places in and around the lagoon.
Another craft that has always been present is metalwork.
Brass is a big one - it's the chosen metal for cavalli,
and you'll often see ornate doorknobs in every neighborhood that were cast just a short distance from the doors they are fastened to.
Aluminum and steel are also alive and well
(they're usually used for the ferro blade at the front of the gondola).
During a recent visit to Las Vegas,
I couldn't resist giving The Venetian a quick visit. 
Entering the casino, I noticed that they'd given the doors
brass handles...in a familiar design.
Not only are the door handles designed to resemble the ferro
(the gondola's stem piece), but they finished off the piece with
what looks like the tail decoration. 
I can't imagine what the unit cost was on these door handles.
When you decide to build a Las Vegas casino,
and you design it around a theme, you don't go halfway.
Somewhere out there, there's someone who's got
"brass ferro door handles for The Venetian" on their resume. 

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