Sunday, February 7, 2016

Venice Today

photos by Brandon Wolfe
Two young men who are like sons to me, are in a band that's
touring Europe right now. 
I was never so lucky to be in a touring band,
but I enjoy living vicariously through them.
Today they were in my favorite city,
and sent me a collection of snaps from their day.

Stepping out of the train station.
 What it looked like from the Ponte degli Scalzi today.

Palazzi and the ever-so commonplace high rise crane.
Gondole, gondole, gondole.

Riding the vaporetto.
The basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

Eleven meters of beauty.
Next to the Rialto, looking towards the Riva del Vin.
Oh, I think you know where this is.

What's better than a rock band in Venice?
Two of them!

To paraphrase an old military phrase:
"Join a rock band, see the world".

I'm jealous, but so proud of them.

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