Friday, February 19, 2016

...Part Photographer...

A good gondolier is many things.
He's part boat captain, part tour guide,
part wine get the idea.
There are many other disciplines required.
Among them, he's also got to be part photographer.
As I was out on the water in Newport tonight,
I passed two gondolas from the Gondola Company of Newport.
While approaching the first boat,
I noticed Eddie step from the back of the gondola,
down into the passenger area,
while continuing to row in sotomorso fashion.
He took a phone from one of the passengers and snapped a few shots of them while they smiled for the picture.
He handed the phone back and stepped back up on the back,
continuing to row.
Next, I passed by Parker, exchanging greetings
and continuing on into the canals.

It was a gorgeous night, with a bright, beautiful moon overhead.

What an amazing job we have

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