Monday, February 15, 2016

The Day After

I fully intended to post a dozen pictures or more on Valentine's Day,
along with all of my thoughts and feelings,
interspersed with great gems of wisdom.
But then I ended up rowing until the cows came home,
carrying everything to and from every part of my operation,
washing blankets glassware, and striped shirts,
and then joined a bunch of hooting and hollering gondoliers in my Jacuzzi at 3am.
Pretty much the norm for V-Day around here. 
We had a very successful Valentine's Day.
I'm sure I'll be posting some photos from it in the days to come,
but for now, here are some from the day after. 
Some guys in the gondola business
(who are much funnier than I could hope to be)
started calling February 15th "National Gondolier Recovery Day".
Truth and humor sometimes go hand in hand.
Of course today we ended up rowing again,
but it wasn't quite the non-stop slam-dance of cruises we had yesterday.
John Kerschbaum from Minnesota gets ready,

climbs aboard,

and rows off to chase the sunset.
Heading out on the pupparin "Contessa", my passengers and I met up with a few other gondolas under the Newport Blvd. bridge.
Heading under the bridge.
The colors on the horizon were radiant as usual.

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