Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Day Before

It was a great day.
Really beautiful for the middle of February.
We had some fog, which kept things interesting,
but eventually it burned off to reveal clear skies.
Not a bad day for the eve of Valentine's Day.
Here are a few shots from the water.
I'd write more, but I'm just too darn tired,
and I've got to pace myself for tomorrow.
Rowing "the Phoenix" with one of my Gondola Co. of Newport friends up ahead.
Mike B. on the pupparin "Contessa" with Steve emerging from the lagoon in the background.

Steve and Joey on two very different boats.

Fog comes in.

Hunter on "Stella".

Rowing "Lucia" as the big orange ball drops.

John Kerschbaum about to drop a bottle message in the water.


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