Sunday, February 21, 2016

No Show? Nap Time!

photos by Mark Schooling
What do you do when you've got a series of cruises,
all booked in tight sequence,
on a busy Valentine's Day weekend,
and you find out that one's a "no show?"
Mark on Oxnard knows what to do.
Do you see him anywhere in this picture?
I can't see him either,
Just a woman and her dog on the dock.
Of course, if you could look inside the batela,
you would discover the gondolier...
 ...catching a few "Z's" with his head under the deck.
No doubt, dreaming about what many of us dream of:
rowing a beautiful boat during sunset on placid waters.
The Italians have a name for it that's familiar if you speak Spanish:
Gondoliers in Venice have an appreciation for these afternoon naps,
and can be seen catching a few "Z's" of their own in Bacion Orseolo.
See my post "Siesta".

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