Monday, December 7, 2015

That Guy from Gig

photo by Joy Sailing

Among the many competitors at the US Gondola Nationals,
there were a few guys representing new operations. 
The newest being Gig Harbor Gondola in Washington State.

John Synco is no stranger to us in Southern California - he's been rowing
here for years, but a while back he and his family moved north.

We all missed him.
He missed us (or at least a few of us),
but he also missed rowing a gondola - missed it terribly.

After great determination, and help from friends who understood the need to row, John managed to launch his own servizio in Gig Harbor, Washington.

He was seen rowing at this year's competition,
looking sharp in white pants and a "Gig harbor Gondola" striped shirt.

Bravo John!

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DG Beat said...

Just saw this! Grazie, Greg!