Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sleeping at The Venetian

After dinner tonight, my wife and I took a stroll through the casino 
known as The Venetian and I looked for gondoliers.

I found the boats, but none of their pilots.

Turns out that even Las Vegas gondoliers need their sleep from time to time.
Maybe next time I visit, I'll go before midnight.

Here's what the gondolas looked like as they rested for the night.

Purple seems to be the color this year.
most of the gondolas I saw there this evening had purple seats.

Christmas decorations are popping up all over Las Vegas.

When you keep your gondola indoors all the time, you can really obsess 
over how perfectly shiny the deck is.

Sleeping gondolas outside too.

Number 4 - seatbelts and all.



Unknown said...

So luxury! This gondolas looks like very expensive entertainment. I think we can add them to this list I started to want to go there

Evan Browns said...

Like a real Venice!
I want to visit it!

Émile said...

Pretty cool article!! I really like those small rivers in the middle of the streets, but if you want to see the time well, here you go