Monday, December 28, 2015

Chasing the Setting Sun

photo by Candace Benson

When you boil it all down to what we do,
(or at least what people think we do)
it's "rowing off into the sunset".
At least that's what most folks seem to envision
when they think about taking a cruise on a gondola in California. 
And we actually do a lot of that.

Of course we do lots of other things besides rowing,
and it's not all "into the sunset",
but then when you roll back the recording of your fondest memories,
it's moments like this that always seem to rise to the top.

When I have to escape inside my mind
(i.e. when I'm in the dentist's chair)
I always seem to go back to one of those perfect moments - the ones where
I'm chasing the setting sun.
It's a futile effort (I'll never catch it),
but for five or ten minutes it's a wonderful pursuit.

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