Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December in the Desert

I spent a nice cool December day working on my boats 
out on Lake Las Vegas today.

The Nevada desert may be hot and uncomfortable at times, 
but during this time of year it can be invitingly nice.

Most of my attention was directed at installing some interior mood lighting, which came out looking great. 
With rains coming, I'll spend much of my tomorrow making sure 
those bilge pumps work.
I don't want to have to explain to someone how 
"my gondola sank in the desert".

It turned out that gondola owner Joe Deverell was visiting Las Vegas 
for a convention, so we met up and along with some of my staff, 
took a boat out under the bridge and sang a few songs.

fresh red stripe tape makes a nice border between 
painted and non-skid decks.

Two boats receiving some TLC with a replica of 
Florence's Ponte Vecchio in the background.

Newly installed interior lighting sets a mood in the boat.
( I just wish I'd removed the seat covers before snapping the shot)

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