Monday, February 24, 2014

Rows with the Gods

Here's a nice snapshot from inside what I believe may just be the most
beautiful sandolo in the world.  And while there are many impressive
sandoli in Venezia, this one is actually in Canada.

My friend Lorne of Honeymoon Gondola who has the enviable job of rowing her sent me this photo with the words:

Poseidon the Greek god of the sea and god of horses.

Poseidon is carved into the bow of my sandolo with a gold guilded trident and sash.
(Cupid) Eros the Greek god of love.

A bronze statue on the bow and on both sides of the boat bronze cupid riding a (hippocampus) seahorse with the tail of a fish.
From this comes the term.

"Rows with the Gods"

For almost two years Lorne and his sandolo have glided across the waters of "Lagoon City" in Ontario, Canada.
I just got news that they will move to a new home soon
at the Driftwood Cove Resort in Port Severn, Ontario, Canada.

Congratulations to Lorne on the move.
A beautiful boat in a beautiful location - sounds like a winning combination.

To learn more about this remarkable boat,
see my post "Carved Boat in Canada".

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