Monday, July 23, 2012

Carved Boat in Canada

This is a beautiful boat.
Really, she is a shining example of the heights that Venetian boat builders can ascend to in both quality and aesthetics.
A while back I came in contact with the owner of this sandolo and I can't wait to make a trek up to his neck of the woods so I can see this floating gem first-hand.

The boat, of course, is a sandolo, but not just any old sandolo.
This vessel is fully carved (like a wedding gondola), her decks are adorned with details that only a true Venetian intagiadór can produce.  She is believed to be one of only two fully carved sandoli afloat - anywhere.
 Her parecio (removable parts) are all of great quality, and it's clear that little, if any expense was spared in putting this sandolo together.
Oh, and there is one other thing worthy of mentioning:
this is the first sandolo built in a Tramontin squero in over fifty years.

I'm sure that anything Roberto Tramontin builds is remarkable,
but the first sandolo in fifty years?
That had to be more of an obsession than a project.

The lucky owner of this boat is Lorne Fernhout, and his company is called "Honeymoon Gondola".

Operating on the canal waters of "Lagoon City" in Ontario, Canada, Lorne has twelve kilometers of canals to entertain his passengers in while rowing this sandolo - which he has named "Vischio".
I understand that he also has the unique situation of rowing-to-work - with about a seven minute commute.
Rough life, I tell you.

Lorne's boat was finished at the end of March, and of course they had a proper "varo" to get her blessed and floating.
Lorne writes:
I think I saw your friend on the kayak, René cruise by.
I'd never seen so many gondolas in the canal at the squero as the day of the varo.

He continues:
The boat was put in the container the next day.
I got the sandolo the last week of May customs had it sit in the warehouse for 10 days. I paid.  Then they released electronically with out looking at the boat.

And of course, who doesn't love the customs and import process.
In this case, however, I think it was worth the hassle - the boat is incredible.
I'm certain that we will see more of her here in future posts.

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