Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning to Fly

photos by Cassandra Mohr

I know it has nothing to do with Gondolas or Venice, but I did this today and it was amazing - the most fun I've had in a long time.

It's called "Jetlev" and it's essentially a water-powered jetpack.
Here are a few shots from today's flight.

Come on, admit it, ever since you saw someone on TV or in a movie flying a jetpack...you've wanted to try it.
I sure have, and today I got my chance.
For my birthday, my wife got me a gift certificate for this adventure and it was just about the best gift ever.

The concept is clever and imaginative:
rig a wave-runner to pump water through a 33 foot long hose,
which is connected to a pack that allows a "pilot" to direct the flow downward and achieve flight.
Some principles are intuitive while others require a little learning,
but it took me about five minutes to figure out how to hover, turn,
and go wherever I wanted to.

With an instructor talking to me through an intercom in my helmet,
and operating the throttle remotely, it was easy to figure out how the system worked.
Next thing I knew there was a staff member on a wave runner out there with a video camera, and the instructor told me over the intercom to catch her.

I'm pretty sure we got some good video, and if so,
I will be duty-bound to share it here.

The company is called Jetlev Southwest.
The technology was developed locally, and it's pure genius.
check out their website at www.jetlevsouthwest.com/

If you're in the area, or can find one of their partners, try it,
it's the most fun you can have without a gondola.

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