Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Venetian Wakeboarding" in Coronado

Really, they just have way too much fun with their caorlina down there in Coronado.

Today, after seeing my post "Walking the Rail", Sean at The Gondola Company sent me these.

First, the photo.
This is gondolier "Gregorio" (or as he puts it - "the Real Gondola Greg"), riding the wild caorlina.
He even gave it a perfect name:
"Venetian Wakeboarding".

Looking good, Greg.
You represent the name well.

Now, a little video clip.
Sean writes:
We are towing the Caorlina to the yard for bottom paint with a motorboat. Giovanni testing out his skills.

Impressive. But I'd expect nothing less from one of Sean's guys.
I'll bet Giovanni is a pretty good surfer too.

To learn more about this "gigantic wakeboard", check out my post "American Caorlina - Done Right!", or go to their website.

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