Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Traditional Gondola Wedding in Alamitos Bay

photos courtesy of Greg Wyatt Photography
Last week the folks at Gondola Getaway in Alamitos Bay hosted an on-board wedding, complete with two gondoliers (Tyson and Nico) and Eric Sjoberg performing ministerial duties.

Both gondoliers chose the all white option, with red scarves and sashes -
it's a great look, and very traditional.

For an event such as this, amateur photos just won't do, so the expertise of Greg Wyatt was called upon - shooting from a chase-boat, Greg caught some excellent images.

After some rowing, the boat arrived at the wedding site, with two-dozen friends and relatives anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Tyson kept the gondola in place, Eric performed the ceremony with the couple standing, and Nico played acoustic guitar to set the mood.
The weather was ideal, the ceremony was beautiful, and the memories will last a lifetime for the bride, groom, and their guests.

I work in both of these businesses:
I run gondolas, and perform wedding ceremonies.

Both revolve around love, both are romantic, but more importantly,
in both areas we strive to create perfect moments. 
Now and then we get to combine both and if we're lucky,
someone is there to capture images of it.

Greg Wyatt was on hand and snapped some great images - to view the entire album, go to Venetian Wedding.

And of course Greg's official website is:

Thanks to Greg Wyatt for the use of his images, and for the folks at Gondola Getaway for helping me with the details of this event.

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