Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

I stood on the dock this evening watching the clouds come in.
Earlier in the parking lot, some guy who had aparrently devoted his
whole day to watching the weather pattern,
informed me that the storm clouds were just behind Catalina Island.
We all knew they were coming, we've been wondering where they've been
for the last couple months. 
Sure, we've had a few small spats of rain, but the normal winter weather pattern has been replaced by a cooler version of summer.
I was thankful for the clear skies that brought us through Valentine's Day,
but hopeful that we would see some precipitation after, and according to all
the professional meteorologists (and some guy in the parking lot),
a storm is coming.

Standing on the dock this evening I watched another one of those
"perfect moments" as gondolier Mike Bronstein rowed his couple out
on the canopy-covered Lucia.
The guy - nervous,
the girl - oblivious to the fact that she was about to be presented with a ring, and a very important life-changing question.

Stormclouds are looming,  threatening to wash our cars and water our crops (and we sure need it).

I'm thankful for the sunshine as well as the rain,
and I'm really thankful that the rain chose to fall later this year than normal.

Mike rowed off into the sunset, with colorse changing through a spectrum of hues - from orange to red to purple. 
An ocean breeze brought fresh air across the water.
The couple laughed, palm trees swayed,
the oar dipped and pushed in the water.

Just another day at the office for Mike.
A memory that will last a lifetime for the two people sitting in his boat.

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