Monday, November 4, 2013


Waiting for the return of the second heat in solo distance,
I caught a few shots of the folks waiting to see who would come in first.
I love this photo.
It's another perfect moment captured in time and I was lucky to get it.

Seated next to his wife, Stefano is in very good spirits - he's just finished first
in his heat and is waiting to see how the second group of rowers will do.

From left to right: Mike Bronstein and Steve Elkins - fellow gondoliers from my operation in Newport Beach (who've rowed with Stefano many times there), Stefano's wife Janette, then behind Stefano is Chris Baisz and two unknown spectators.

Stefano knows that whoever finishes first may do so with a time that beats his,
but he's in great spirits anyway. He rowed the best race he could and is now enjoying a moment with friends.

As it turned out, Stefano ended with the quickest time, securing first place and making an impression on all of us. 

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