Saturday, November 30, 2013


Here's something you don't see very often (or ever).
A caorlina regatta is amazing to see, with nine boats, each rowed by six pumped up vogatori, plowing through the water and fighting for position.
Now imagine that it's not nine caorline...but fifty!
Think of the waves coming from a fleet of those big boats.
Nereo Zane caught the race which was part of the Festa Granda de S. Andrea.
See his post at:
Regata delle 50 caorline

There are lots of great photos.
Nereo includes details of the top four finishers, as well as the names of the guys in the boat that came in last.
Rowers of the caorlina that crossed the finish line last were given the name "Regatanti da Caorlina dei Morti" or "Rowers of Caorlina of the Dead".
It's one thing to come in last in a field of nine boats, but fifty? 
I can't imagine it.
If two boats were fighting for the 49th place finish, 
I bet that would be almost as interesting as the race for first.

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