Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Fast Fieldstripping

"Hey guys, we've got a problem:
The red boat keeps winning - by a large margin.
See that gondola with red seats...we need it stripped and ready
as soon as possible"
These were the words I shouted early on Friday as we were getting the qualifying heats going.

Usually it takes some time to pull all of the removable parts from a gondola in order to get her ready to race. 
After all, not everybody knows how to "fieldstrip" a gondola.

This is what happens when you have a bunch of guys on hand who do know how.

One of the neat things about this series of photos is that while the guys stripping the boat may all be wearing stripes and hats, many of them had just met before this photo.  And yet they share a love for and knowledge of the gondola.

In a short time the boat was stripped, prepped, and on her way to the races.

And race, she did!

There's so much beauty in these boats.
Even when you remove all the decorative parts, the complex curves, the sweeping lines, beautiful.

It has been said that "the gondola is the world's most recognizable boat".

She truly is a remarkably beautiful, floating work of art - even in her most basic form.

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