Friday, November 22, 2013

Catch of the Day

photo by Steve Elkins

My right-hand-man Steve Elkins sent me this photo from the docks today.
His text read:
Who needs to go fishing when you've got gondolas!

The "suicidal fish" phenomenon seems to occur more often when it rains.
I really don't know why.

Perhaps the fish, seeing that water is falling from the sky,
decided that "today is the day" to try swimming in this new water-filled
place called "the sky".
They break the surface with all their might,
only to land in one of my boats.
It really is a sad thing to find them, dead on my boat.
It's also sad that most of them are too small for eating.

I asked Steve to grab a ruler and see if this one was long enough to keep
(most are too small so we feel obliged to throw them back). 
He couldn't find a ruler, but estimated that it was right about two feet long.

Never a dull moment in the gondola business.

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