Monday, February 6, 2012

A Quick Word

photo by Tamás Fehér

Headed in opposite directions, these two guys appear to have exchanged a few quick words.

What were they talking about?
Weather, the economy, the news?
Maybe they were talking about the fact that their boats were so similar.
How about that rude passenger in one of their boats?
They could get away with such talk in dialect.

Heck, they could talk about anything if they were sure their passengers didn't understand.
Politics, religion, Luigi's bachelor party.
They could talk about girlfriends, exchange stock tips, maybe even talk about how they want to kill that yappy dog that's always barking at them when they row by a certain apartment.

Then again, maybe the guy rowing away from the camera simply said
"hey, watch out for my remo",
and the other guy gave him a look.

No, I think it was the "yappy dog" they were talking about.


One of my favorite shots of this type can be seen in my post
"The Conversation".

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