Monday, February 13, 2012

On the Eve

Tonight, as I write this, I'm tired:
"tired" not so much from all the rowing that I've done as we ramp up to the 14th, but tired from all the work I've done to get my boats in order, and tired from all the other work associated with getting the business prepped.

I'm amped:
"amped" because this is our busiest day of the year,
our "Superbowl", the time when we push things to the limit in so many ways.

I'm pensive:
"pensive" because I've got a million things buzzing through my mind right now, from glassware, to forcolas, to docking arrangements.  It's all got to come together, and that doesn't just happen, it requires planning.  I've spent a lot of time on the planning, now I'm unable to stop thinking about it all.

I'm fired up:
"fired up" because I live for this day, absolutely live for it.
And when that alarm clock rings tomorrow, I'll be in my stripes and out the door in no time, with a big thermos of coffee and sunscreen on my nose.

Valentine's Day - can't wait for it!

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