Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazy Americans - The "Strap Cam" Makes It's Debut

photos by Nereo Zane
video by the "Strap Cam"

Looking back at Nereo's video from the post on July 1st, you can see me climbing out onto the bow of the boat. Some have asked me what the heck I was doing.

The answer:
turning on the "Strap Cam" of course.

photo by Nereo Zane

The "Strap Cam" as I like to call it,
is an ATC2K waterproof video camera made by Oregon Scientific; they call it a "waterproof action cam".
It is popular among kayakers and surfers because you can strap it to your helmet or torso, and cyclists like it too because it comes with a handlebar mount as well.
What's even better is that it records right to an SD card - very handy and easy to use.

Before we took off on our jaunt into the wind, Tim and I strapped the thing to the bow of the mascareta.
It was nice to know that even splashing waves wouldn't present a problem.

photo by Nereo Zane

Now here's one of the clips we got from the "Strap Cam".

This was after the shove-off, and after we rowed through the roughest area.
Towards the end of the clip, you'll see it getting calmer.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

This videocam idea is interesting. Currently there are few webcams in Venezia and all are stationary: two at the Rialto, one at St. Mark's place, one which shows the sky over the historic city centre, one in Lido, that's all I know of.

There are no public webcams carried by gondolas or vaporetti, which is regrettable. However, this year a citywide Wi-Fi (wireless ethernet) system is being installed on public funding.

This could allow vessels to mount waterproof web cameras and transmit pictures continously while on the move. Anybody anywhere on the globe with net access could watch the gondola glide along the rii or the palaces as seen from a vaporetto.

A high-end webcam, like the Axis 206/207 can transmit truly high-resolution, beautiful images. It would be very popular, you could place the live video on the your Windows screen while working on boring office tasks...

DG Beat said...

Ha ha, Greg, you slipped out of the forcola... just kidding. The water looked rough and the wind sounded fierce. Cool camera, I want one.