Monday, May 12, 2008

Vogalonga Memories - the 2004 "American Team"

photos by Mark J. Hunt

In early 2004, Joe Gibbons of Boston called me and told me that he and some of his gondoliers from Gondola di Venezia would be rowing in the famous Vogalonga.
(see to learn more about the Boston operation)
I was thrilled for them, and honored when he asked me to provide them with shirts to row in. We went with white polos embroidered with the Gondola Society of America logo and such.

They had a blast, rowing a gondola set up for six people.
Also on the trip was Mark J. Hunt - professional photographer. This guy has been shooting amazing photos of the gondolas in Boston for years, and he didn't disappoint.
While I can't post all the images he took on that trip - I can tell you that they truly inspire the viewer to go to Venice.
(Mark J. Hunt has a diverse collection of great images at:

Joining the gondoliers from Boston were Americans Thom Price and Frank O'Halloran - both avid rowers in their own right.
Groups from many other countries have made appearances in the Vogalonga. Germany, Austria, France, England, and the Netherlands are just a few.

The "American Team" from Boston makes their way down the Grand Canal, with John Ragosa in command, rowing poppa.

From left to right:
Steve Bruno, John Ragosa, Joe Gibbons, Thom Price, Marco Madeira, Frank O'Halloran, photographer Mark Hunt.

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