Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Images from Shakespeare Country

Nick Birch sent me some more photos from his area on the banks of the Avon River.
Above is a fresh image of the boathouse, with all the different kinds of boats for rent. Nick's gondola isn't in the shot because she's still out of the water - getting some last-minute TLC before launch.

I owe Nick a debt of gratitude: when my parents were in Stratford a few years ago, he showed them great hospitality. They tell me that it made their visit to the area.

Nick's gondola, the Rosanna, has a great history, which you can read about on
One item you'll sometimes see on the Rosanna, that you won't find on many gondolas these days, is the "felze di tela" or felze of cloth.
Here's a photo from last year with the canopy.

Way to go, Nick, you guys look great!
Of course it's easy to look good on a boat like that.

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