Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ingo the Traveling German Gondolier

There are few gondoliers I can honestly say that I’m jealous of:

Andres Garcia – the gondolier in Central Park is one of them – what a cool place to row.

Joe Gibbons of Boston and Angelino in Oakland have been on the list a time or two as well.

Robert Dula has jumped back and forth between the “envy” and the “do not envy” lists depending on whether there’s a hurricane in town.

Of course, this week we all have reason to envy Tim and Tyson at Sunset Gondola.

But now I have a new gondolier to add to the list:

German gondolier Ingo Stahl.Ingo has been mentioned on the gondolablog a number of times in the past, and each time I hear from him, he’s somewhere else, doing something else with his gondola.

Heck! With all his moving around, he reminds me of Karl Rhunke of Florida; who in the 80’s and 90’s traveled all over the state, dropping his gondola in the water wherever and whenever he wanted to.

Ingo makes his home in Wörthsee, a beautiful lake in Bavaria.

This winter he brought his gondola up to Bamberg, where he kept his gondola in a shop owned by gondola operator Jürgen Riegel. They worked on their gondolas through the cold months, and then rowed around a bit (you’ve gotta row around a bit, it’s just part of what we do as gondola fanatics).

After Bamberg, Ingo brought his gondola to Nürnberg for an annual Venetian Market festival. I believe other German gondoliers brought their gondolas there too.

Then he was off to Venice for Vogalonga with friends. They weren’t able to get a boat of their own, but Ingo ended up being interviewed by a Bavarian TV station.

Next, Ingo and Jürgen will go to Bad Bueckenburg, near Hannover, for an exhibition.

Then it’s off to Castel Ippenburg near Osnabrueck for a similar expo.

After all that, Ingo says he’ll begin a film shoot!

On top of all this, the guy lives where the best beer in the world comes from.

Holy smokes!

That’s it Ingo! I’ve decided that I’m gonna learn German, fly out there, and take your job!

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