Monday, May 26, 2008

Nolite Oblivisci - the book

For photographer Nereo Zane, the dream of publishing his own book became a reality this week.
Nereo was the official photographer of the 2007 Hudson River Gondola Expedition. He was always there to catch the action, often while bouncing around on a tiny chase-boat.
It's one thing to take pictures of a moving boat, but to shoot them from another moving boat brings it to a whole new level.
During the expedition, Nereo shot thousands of images, creating a visual diary of what happened on that adventure.

A package arrived on my doorstep last week - all the way from Padova, Italy.
I knew Nereo had been working on a book, and I knew that the package was likely to arrive soon, but I was still blown away by the final product.
Forty-two high-resolution photographs are accompanied by commentary in both Italian and English. Some of the images have been seen here on the gondolablog in low-res., but many more have never been posted or published anywhere before.
The commentaries offer unique insight into what the expedition was like: day-by-day, experience-by-experience.
At 7x7, the book is of sensible size - small enough to carry around, and big enough to place on a coffee table or the corner of a desk.
A limited number of copies are available for sale through Gondola Adventures, Inc. for the published price plus shipping from Italy (€3.00) and to you.
The published price of the book is €13.00, so the price in US dollars may vary based on the exchange rate.
As of this writing it comes out to roughly $20.47 according to The exact exchange rate will be determined at time of purchase.

If you are interested, you may reply to this post or e-mail me directly at:

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