Saturday, May 10, 2008

Images of the day - Newport before Mother's Day

What a beautiful evening it was out on the water tonight.
We had clear skies and moderate winds out of the west.
Newport has four gondola companies and at least a dozen gondolas on th water at any given time. Sometimes there are twenty or more.
Tonight I saw boats from all four companies out - a good indicator that we'll have a busy summer.

Here's another addition to my collection of "shots over the bow as the sun sets".

Gondolier Cole Martens smiles while approaching the Newport Blvd. bridge.

Joe Munday pilots his Crystal Swan under the Lido Island bridge, with flags flying.

Gondolier Matt Schenk and his passengers enjoying an early evening on the water.


DG Beat said...

There are four different gondola companies in Newport? I thought you owned the only one.

Gondola Greg said...

Hi John.
Yes, there are currently four, and at one point there were as many as seven - with many of them being one-boat-operations.
At this point the Gondola Company of Newport and Gondola Romance are both owned by one guy and I own Gondola Adventures, Inc. with Joe Munday's Gondola Cruises of Newport running his bookings through my office.
I'm happy to say that we all get along famously, which is the way things ought to be among people with a love for gondolas.