Friday, May 9, 2008

Chris Harrison takes matters into his own hands

As many of you already know, gondolier and expedition rower, Chris Harrison was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer) in March and has been undergoing chemotherapy to defeat it. A while back, Chris noticed that his hair was coming out and told me that he would shave it off before things got too crazy. It was a sort of "if I'm gonna go bald, I'm gonna do it on my terms" thing. The above photo was taken at the turnaround point during our Houston Expedition.

Here's a shot from a few days ago documenting the amount of hair before the transformation. Shortly afterwards, Chris decided to "lighten the load" and make major improvements to the air-conditioning of his scalp.

And here is a look that I think is perfect for Chris:
the Mohawk. Absolutely perfect!
I like the Mohawk so much that I'm recommending that he keep it as his grow-in hairstyle.

Now here he is, fully shaven. I understand that the folks in the room are rubbing it for good luck, but I think it looks more like a laying-on-of-hands blessing.
And here he is, ladies and gentlement, Chris Harrison, sans hair! I've gotta say, that if I am ever diagnosed with cancer, I'm going to try and model Chris Harrison's behavior. He has taken things in stride, leaned on the Lord, and kept the whining to an absolute minimum. It has not gone un-noticed. Go Chris! ...and grow out that Mohawk!

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