Monday, September 19, 2016

Tanti Auguri Saverio!

Today is Saverio Pastor's birthday.
And while I don't do a lot of birthday posts anymore
(because I found that I was spending so much time
wishing people "tanti auguri" here on the Gondola Blog),
There are always exceptions.

When it comes to exceptions, I can think of nobody more worthy of our attention on his birthday than a guy who carves forcolas and oars.

Here's a collection of photos I took last year in Saverio's shop
on a rainy day in September.

Happy birthday Saverio.
Keep carving masterpieces.

Finished Forcole with fresh signatures.
Planes lined up on the runway.
A wall of remi.
Talking with his co-worker
(and probably talking with the forcola too).
 The master and his masterpieces.
 My personal favorite remo.
 So many tools and patterns.
Non-electric equipment.
So many remi - all waiting to be put into service.
To learn more about Saverio Pastor's craftsmanship, go to:
Or search his name here on the Gondola Blog.

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Anonymous said...

He is a true artisan. May he have many more birthdays.