Monday, September 26, 2016

Rowing the Pond at Villa Contarini

Nereo Zane sent me this beautiful photo of a gondola
near the Villa Cotarini with the following text:

How are you my friend?
Today I rowed a gondola in a pond situated

inside a "villa veneta" next Padua.
Please find the attached photos and enjoy.

Here's a happy Nereo, seated in the gondola,
enjoying the afternoon shade.
This is at the Villa Contarini, near the Brenta River, upstream from Padova.
We think of Venice being only that city on the lagoon, but her influence is evidenced all over the region, and indeed, throughout various parts of the Mediterranean.
How great it must have been to come upon a beautiful black gondola
in a pond out in the country, to row her on those placid waters,
and rest in the shade of the trees of the Villa Contarini.

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