Friday, June 24, 2016

The Gondolas on Zappi's Wall

I was in Niagara Falls yesterday.
No, I was NOT researching my next gondola expedition,

but only because my wife vetoed the idea.

While there, I sought out the best pizza in town, and found Zappi's
(founded by the Zappitelli family).
Great pizza. It even impressed my New York Italian in-laws - and that's not easy to do.

Sure enough, there on the wall of the building was Venice.

Classic approach: bright red and green paint, framing photos
or paintings of a scene in Italy.
Most restaurants choose one of the standards - Colosseum,
Tower of Pisa (not always with the correct amount of lean),
Fountain of Trevi, and of course Venezia.
Here we see a gondolier who wears his winter garb,
and we know he's a true Venetian, because he's on his cellphone. 
He's skilled enough at his job that he can row with one hand, 
while handling whatever important business presents itself.

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