Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Serving the Gondola

One month ago I loaded a gondola into a truck in New Jersey.
A few days later she was in California, and my staff and I began
to work on her.
There has been cleaning, repairing, a whole lot of sticker peeling,
sanding and painting.
It's amazing what a difference a few coats of shiny black paint can make.

Today I took on the job of sanding and prepping her for bottom paint.
Believe me, when you're lying on your back with a disk sander,
grinding away at old Venetian bottom paint, you gain a new appreciation
for eye protection and a breathing mask.

In a previous post, I explored the meaning of "Serving the Ship" .
Today's work definitely qualified as such.

My gondoliers are all asking:
"who gets to row this boat on Valentine's Day?"
I've assured them that they will all get an opportunity to take her cruising.
They've served this ship too, and I want them to experience that connection which can only come from working on, launching, and then rowing a gondola.

Bringing this beautiful boat back into her full glory
has become an obsession for us.

The restoration continues.

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