Thursday, February 26, 2015


Moments after hauling out the Lucia, I looked back at the boat
and noticed an artful shadow of the beautiful gondola that was
brought to the U.S. back in the 60's by the Curci family.

I've used the word "crescent" plenty of times.
A "Moon Shadow" title was considered, but I knew that millions of
Cat Stevens fans would find my post, only to learn that it had nothing
to do with his hit song from the 70's.

Finally my wife (who is a lot more intelligent than I am)
suggested a latin-based word:
"falcate" - which describes things of this shape.
From eucalyptus leaves, to dolphin's dorsal fins,
a thumbnail moon to every Venetian gondola.
They all have that falcate shape.

The same moon-shaped shadow can be seen in the post
"Shadow in Providence", with a remarkable rear-view-mirror photo,
deftly taken while driving.

And while we're talking about shadows, an interesting gondolier's
shadow was photographed and shared in the post "Shadow".

It's a new addition to your "gondola vocabulary".

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