Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Own Tradition

We all have ways that we like to do things.
Some are purely practical, some are religious or based on superstition,
and then there are those things we do out of a reverence to tradition.

"It's a family tradition" or "it's the way my people have always done it."
Most of these traditions are rooted in one of the above reasons
(practical, religious, etc.).
In my gondola operation I have one of my own:
Every time we add a new boat to the fleet, she takes her first passenger cruise with my parents.
If they're not in town or unable to make it, we move forward,
but if they can climb aboard, they're the first ones to take a ride.

Yes, it's a nod to them, and it started out as a gesture of appreciation,
but it's become an "I really can't do this until I first do that" kind of thing.
I don't see myself as superstitious (although most mariners are),
I just like the message it sends.
My parents have been married for over fifty years.
If just a little bit of that longevity rubs off on my business and boats,
it'll be a good thing.

Tonight I continued the tradition with the new gondola,
which we launched yesterday.
I enjoyed catching up with my folks as much as I enjoyed rowing a new boat and getting to know her from a navigation standpoint.

The boat rowed nicely, and I can't wait for my next cruise with her.

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