Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Boats and Two Cameras

photos by Candace Benson and Isabella Mohr

Two boats, two couples, two cameras.

On Valentine's Day we sent out several cruises
with staff photographers on board.
At one point Jakob and I ended up next to each other and the fun began.
Well, really, it began when he started catching up to us and we had a little rowing contest.

I'd call it a race, but there was also some clever maneuvering
(that means I cut in front of Jakob before he could blow past me),
and some spinning (a result of the maneuvering).
Our couples enjoyed the experience even more than we did,
and our photographers caught some of it in freeze-frame.

Jakob approaches on the "Lucia".

Jakob catching up with Candace snapping away.

Here's what it looked like from our boat.
 My photographer expresses herself.

The purple-striped remo in action.
We had a ball out on the water.
Beginning my "maneuver".
Spinning the new boat as the Lucia cruises by.
It was fun to blow off some steam and get those gondolas moving.
I was also happy to take the new boat and do something other than
slow and easy cruising.

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