Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tight Quarters

A couple weeks ago I stopped by Gondola Paradiso in Oxnard
to visit my friend Mark Schooling. 

We rowed the route and talked about some of the things that
make the waterway unique. 
At the end of the loop, we passed under a three-arch bridge - one that
reminds me a little of the famous Tre Archi bridge in Venice.

photo by Mark Schooling - this and other shots

The main passageway is a nice archway - probably wide enough to spin the boat around (but because it wasn't my boat, I wasn't about to try). 

After rowing through and testing the acoustics with a song,
I flipped around and went under one of the side arches.

It was wide enough to row through, but not by much. 
I used the stroke that guys in Venice use to pass each other in tight canals.
It may be the narrowest tunnel I've rowed down so far.

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